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and maybe some day I'll see you again [entries|friends|calendar]

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best layout/icon ever [27 Oct 2005|11:15am]
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[03 Oct 2005|03:56pm]
yay for picture entries!
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[24 Jun 2005|06:51am]
I just really like this picture.Collapse )
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[06 Jun 2005|10:28am]
[ mood | artistic ]

hey people. I'm bored and I'm in art class. I finished everything and now I have nothing to do. or write about. bye..

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[29 May 2005|11:29am]
[ mood | dead ]

She was having trouble with the flower. This is gonna be a loooong entryCollapse )

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[26 May 2005|08:14am]
[ mood | cranky ]

wow I can't believe I can update my LJ from school. How cool is that. Now if only I had something to post about, eh?

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[24 May 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

wow shore.Collapse )

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[23 May 2005|05:47pm]

prom...woo.Collapse )

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[20 May 2005|11:17am]
[ mood | crushed ]

LJ cuts are funCollapse )

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[15 May 2005|09:18am]
so..it's been a few days since..ya know...well I just wanna thank all of my friends who talked to me, comforted me, etc. I wanna thank Spencer, I mean I was pretty ok when I talked to you, but I wanna thank you for taking time out of your night at the prom to call and check on me. Thank you to Amanda for talking to me and making me laugh again. Thank you Dee for talking to me and making me happy like you always do. I love all of you.
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[08 May 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yay photo post :)Collapse )

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[29 Apr 2005|09:17pm]

oh my god. We played tonight. It was like..fucking great, we hit a new high. We got gig offers from two places. We can play in Albany, NY, and Burlington, VT. Two big places. And basically they said, if you want a gig we'll schedule you. So I'm totally excited. Next thing you know we'll be on Warped Tour and on Fuse and everyone will love us. :)

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[23 Apr 2005|07:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

you know..I never write in this thing. Probably cause I doubt many people actually read it. So I've finally found the perfect girl. Her name is Erin and I can't imagine anyone I could possibly be happier with. Lately I've been smiling like 24/7 and it's been amazing. My friend Megan recently told me that lately I've looked like I glued the walmart guy on my face (weird way of putting it, but you get the idea.) Long story short, I'm in love with the girl.

On the band front, things are going great. We found a new drummer, he's 14 and amazing. We're playing on the 29th at the Getaway in Saranac Lake, and you should all go if you can. It's gonna be awesome. I think that's all I have, the only poems I've written lately are..too mushy to put in here, sorry anyone who likes reading them.

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[09 Apr 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I GET TO SEE HER SOON! WOO! Ok thought I'd let you all know. :)

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[08 Apr 2005|10:42pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

so I just talked to Erin for an hour and I really like this girl. She's so...perfect...in like every way. I just wish she didn't live so far away. She was telling about her bad day at work and I just wanted to sweep her up in my arms and tell her everything is ok and yeah and be all romantic and cool, but I can't over the phone. So we talked about just random weird stuff and it was great. It rivals the two 3 hour convos I had with Amanda this summer in satisfaction. Dammit.

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[08 Apr 2005|02:46pm]
[ mood | perky ]

so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMANDA. in 2 days. but I dunno if I'll be on to tell her. but I love her! BFF! ok...So I gotta make this cool. I watched American Splendor today. It's like a sort of indie movie about a guy who makes a comic book about his life. It's really good and you should all go see it. I cleaned my room too. it might actually pass for clean. I've been talking to this REALLY cool girl named Erin from Westmoreland (which is 3 1/2 hours away, really sucks :[ ...) But she's great and has a lot in common with me and thinks I'm hot and I think she's f'n gorgeous. Anywhoooo, dunno what else to put. Started listening to Rise Against and they're really good. Trying to write some new music, but I'm having a block and it's not cool. I wanna make it and I can't do that if I get writers block now. that's all. Peace out whiggas.

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[07 Apr 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

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[12 Mar 2005|04:54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

so...nothing new really happening. The play is coming along well. We have a dress rehearsal on Monday. I get to wear my bishop's dress. Fun times. I have a sort of date tonight I guess. I'm going to the donkey basketball game with my friend Jen Riley. That's all for now I guess.

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[10 Mar 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

so I talked to my friend Tom today. We've decided I'm going to become a famous poet and that my rise will be based on my cynical, yet oddly amusing poems with hidden meanings, and then at the height of my popularity I will retire with a one line poem:

There is more then one way to explode a star.

Then everyone will hate me! My one line poem will be discussed in english classes! philosophy classes! around water coolers! Everyone will despise for ruining the fragile thread of the world of poetry with one line! And I will be notorious for writing the one line that caused so many heated discussions and debate about the true meaning. And I will be done.

Onto other matters...there aren't any. Things are good and I am happy.

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[09 Mar 2005|07:29pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I think I have narcolepsy or something, I always fall asleep. And I just ran a mile in the freezing cold and it was stupid cause I have exercise induced asthma (athsma?) and now I can't breathe. I've gotten really into the shins lately, and I'm still in love with Garden State and I still cry at the end everytime. Am I turning into a girl? whatever, I don't care. If you think I'm a wuss cause I cry you can go fuck yourselves or something. Things are good lately. That's all I have to say. O'Doyle rules.

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