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I swear.  not what it looks like.  So we get to the shore on Saturday (a little late I know, shut up, photobucket is annoying and I was procrastinating), me Laura and Amanda.and we proceed to pig out on snacks and whatnots.Laura doesn't like having her picture we decided to turn on the heat, it was kinda chilly.  So we called Amanda's dad and tried to find the pilot light in the stove to light it.We hadn't a clue what the pilot light was, so we gave up.We then went to the beach and boardwalk and hung out like the cool people we are..  Then we threw around a hackey sack..I fell flat on my face.  It was apparently funny.(Laura laughing)(me laughing)

Then we went in the water.  It was cold.

too cold

then we found some friends of theirs.

then! back to the shore place.and then I put a towel on my head

and danced.and then I put the towel on Laura's head.

and it made her very happy


the end.

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