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you know..I never write in this thing. Probably cause I doubt many people actually read it. So I've finally found the perfect girl. Her name is Erin and I can't imagine anyone I could possibly be happier with. Lately I've been smiling like 24/7 and it's been amazing. My friend Megan recently told me that lately I've looked like I glued the walmart guy on my face (weird way of putting it, but you get the idea.) Long story short, I'm in love with the girl.

On the band front, things are going great. We found a new drummer, he's 14 and amazing. We're playing on the 29th at the Getaway in Saranac Lake, and you should all go if you can. It's gonna be awesome. I think that's all I have, the only poems I've written lately are..too mushy to put in here, sorry anyone who likes reading them.
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