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so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMANDA. in 2 days. but I dunno if I'll be on to tell her. but I love her! BFF! ok...So I gotta make this cool. I watched American Splendor today. It's like a sort of indie movie about a guy who makes a comic book about his life. It's really good and you should all go see it. I cleaned my room too. it might actually pass for clean. I've been talking to this REALLY cool girl named Erin from Westmoreland (which is 3 1/2 hours away, really sucks :[ ...) But she's great and has a lot in common with me and thinks I'm hot and I think she's f'n gorgeous. Anywhoooo, dunno what else to put. Started listening to Rise Against and they're really good. Trying to write some new music, but I'm having a block and it's not cool. I wanna make it and I can't do that if I get writers block now. that's all. Peace out whiggas.
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